by admin on March 5, 2011

french bra

silk boxers


well, anyone over 50 would be unlikely to use that sort of language, but what better way to say it?  (esme is open to suggestions here).  and i know these photos are not completely a propos, but imagine what you’d get if you googled “lingerie for the elderly”!  esme’s dearest parents, solidly into their 80’s and with all their quite powerful faculties intact, are nonetheless experiencing a gradual degradation of their infrastructures. 

most recently they have taken to toppling over like monterey pines in a storm.  first it was esme’s mother, who almost hit the ground going down to breakfast one morning.  then esme’s father collapsed after his cardiac exercise class.  esme can’t help imagining that, in a situation like this, the elderly should take special care to always wear their best lingerie/undergarments.  cleanliness goes without saying.  i am tempted to send along a packet of silk boxers and a few french bras just so my parents can keep their pride in the event (god forbid) that the paramedics are called.

vain to the end (I hope),



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