by admin on March 6, 2011

glass slipper

wear it.  i must admit that i’ve never quite understood this one.  it seems to create a sort of glitch in my mental processes.  i always picture cinderella’s slipper (one of the origins of the phrase), and then i get stuck trying to imagine how ANYONE’S foot could actually fit into a glass slipper….glass????  the gist of the idiom is this:  if a description of yourself seems to apply, it’s probably true.  hmmm…what would this be for esme??? i won’t tell you what comes to mind!  the phrase seems to be used primarily for something negative:  you don’t hear people saying “she thinks she’s the most beautiful girl in town….well, if the shoe fits….”

on the other hand, the idiom makes a lot of sense if you take it literally:  esme would be the first to argue that fit is primary in a shoe.  if you find a shoe that really fits, wear it indeed!  (and tell esme where you found it.)

uhhh…people in glass slippers shouldn’t throw stones?????



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