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THIS is sportshopping

this is NOT sportshopping


if you are regular reader of esme’s blog, i’m sure you recall that the blog used to be called ESME’S GUIDE FOR THE SERIOUS SPORTSHOPPER.  esme was quite pleased with this title, and many of her followers loved it.  however, esme eventually realized that she and kate had actually invented the word “sportshopper”!  which is fine, except for 2 things.  one is that most people didn’t get the meaning until i explained it. and two is that if people didn’t get it, esme was pretty sure that search engines would really not get it!  esme would be lumped with sportswear, sports equipment, and so on (boring!)    In case you have not yet gleaned it’s meaning, it refers to shopping as a sport, that is, shopping for fun and exercise (even though one may not actually need anything at the time)!  Check out this blog about shopping in the Victorian age!  http://www.victoriaspast.com/Ladies%20Liesure/lunch.htm  looks like even victorian women, renouned for their puritanical attitudes, enjoyed what today we might call sportshopping.  funny thing is that the word has caught on among esme’s comperes.  just today roz emailed that “Yesterday, I had a major sport-shopping adventure. …. I decided to stop by Lilith.  An hour and a half later, and with quite a lightened wallet, I emerged with a fabulous black and taupe tulle skirt–very flouncy–and a yellow tulle shirt for layering under a bronzy green sweater.  I won’t wear them together, but the skirt looks fab with a plain black tee shirt, and the sweater/shirt combo is nice over my existing skirts.”  now if that isn’t sportshopping, i don’t know what is!

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