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you might not have realized that the expression “don’t kill the messenger” is actually a fashion idiom, but esme learned something to that effect in her fashion history course.  herodotus (famous greek author) claims that around 700 b.c. a messenger brought bad news to athenian women:  an athenian military group had been destroyed in battle.  the women proceded to whip out their fibula’s (long sharp pins used to fasten their robes at the shoulder), and stab the poor fellow to death!!  reading between the lines, esme figures these women must have been the mothers of the soldiers killed in battle.  women are rarely murderers, but most of us mothers could imagine killing someone who harmed our children.  not that the messenger harmed anyone;  he just brought the news!  anyway, after this the doric chiton (or tunic) which had been fastened with a large pin, became illegal in greece!   it was replaced with the ionic chiton, fastened with many smaller (and less deadly) brooches at the shoulder.  you know, maybe instead of carrying mace, i should just get myself a doric chiton with a fibula……or even better, take a course in cane-do, a self-defense method using a cane!

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