by admin on March 7, 2011

attractive display of wings

if peacocks display their fabulous feathers  in a mating dance, it wouldn’t surprise esme if people use clothing for similar reasons.  that is, perhaps the desire to decorate the body is related to a wish to increase our sexual attractiveness.  such a notion makes a certain evolutionary sense:  the better one’s clothes/piercings/face-paintings etc., the more likely one would be to reproduce and pass on the fashion gene to the next generation!  don’t you love the idea of a fashion gene??  and don’t you love the idea that a fashion gene is VALUABLE even more???  the great thing about decoration is that you can use it to make up for unfortunate physical characteristics over which you have no control.  esme can’t change the length of her legs, but she can change the height of her heels, the cut of her pants, the placement of her waistline.  and just think about make-up!  i can’t change the size of my eyes, but i sure can play with the lines of my eye-liner!

if the fashion impulse is driven by sexual attractiveness, you might wonder why 5 year old girls and 50 year ladies are as obsessed with fashion as 15 year olds.  well, in the case of 5 year olds, i do imagine they are “practising”, just as puppies practice play-fighting.  and as for 50 year old ladies, well, just because you get oldish does not mean you don’t get hungryish, nor does it mean you lose interest in attracting the opposite sex. 

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mating display



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