by admin on March 8, 2011

ancient tunic

esme’s tunic design

esme got all excited the other day when her fashion teacher told the class they were going to do a FUN homework project.  esme is all for fun!!!  imagine her dismay when the project sounded like something she would never be able to do in a million years:  design a modern-day garment based on ancient fashion.  you may recall that esme’s drawing skills are….rudimentary.  at best, her drawings might be said to have a kind of primitive charm. at worst, they…uh…stink!  in addition, although esme does at times long for certain garments in a vague fashion, her imagination is more a verbal than a visual one.  nonetheless, determined not to embarrass herself, esme came up with the idea of designing a tunic for wearing with leggings.  she became quite engaged in the project, and ended up with a little drawing that was actually rather fetching.  and guess what?   it was fun to do!!!   so i’d like to share the fun by challenging my readers to design a top they’d like to wear (or see worn) with leggings.  send me your tired, your somethings, your something somethings longing to breathe free (in other words your little designs) and we’ll have a tunic party!  just add them to comments.  let me know how it goes!




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