by admin on March 8, 2011

wolf dressed as granny

wolf (or maybe huskie !) in sheep’s clothing

goodness!  sheep are really popular among the fashion idiom crowd! (see MUTTON DRESSED AS LAMB).  i imagine you know that this one refers to someone dangerous disguised as someone innocent (or to put it even more simply, a bad guy dressed as a good guy).  esme finds much of today’s popular footwear to be wolves in sheep’s clothing;  that is, they look pretty but could kill you!  the mother in BLACK SWAN was another good example of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. 

for some reason, whenever i hear this idiom i imagine, not a wolf togged out as a sheep, but the wolf in little red riding hood dressed as a grandmother!  what do y’all think THAT means??  really, i had the nicest grandmothers, and grandfathers too!

keep in mind that wolves don’t fit very well in sheep’s clothing, and they’d have to have extensive dentistry, neigh plastic surgery, to really look like sheep.  same with today’s 6 inch heels:  if you have to squish and squeeze your foot into them, be forewarned!

the wierd thing is, esme happens to love wolves (well, as long as they don’t get too close).

a little paranoia never hurts,




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