by admin on March 9, 2011

robin hood hat

this is a jaunty little idiom that i really like.  i imagine a  robin hood cap with a single feather in the brim.  this idiom’s origins, however, are a bit gruesome:  the expression dates back to an old english custom of awarding a feather to a warrior for each enemy killed—the more feathers, the more kills.  it means, of course, something one has done that one can be proud of.  esme has been trying to think of something she’s done recently that could be a feather in her cap—taking a fashion history course, perhaps??  permit me to boast for just a sec., because it’s a perfect example and quite long ago and far away:  esme did graduate phi beta kappa–a real feather in her cap–even though she never bought the pin or the ring or whatever it is you’re supposed to get that ‘s equivalent to a feather!  think of your own feathers, readers, and boast a tiny bit, even if it’s just to yourself.

my cap brimmeth over,



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