by admin on March 9, 2011

eyebrows for spring (march vogue)

esme loves a good eye-brow, having been graced with rather healthy ones herself.  she has always admired brook shields for this reason.  the trend toward minimalist brows that looked like fingernail clippings always kind of freaked esme out.   indeed she has spoken with some women who so over-plucked their brows that they lost them altogether, and had to resort to tatooing.  consider yourself forewarned!

however, the models in this month’s vogue may just have gone overboard in the opposite direction.  or maybe it is one of those things that our eyes will adjust to with time.  in any case, brows are pictured as dark and heavy, even rather scarey-looking.  one can only wonder if some of these women resorted to eyebrow toupees!  or perhaps they are painted on or “augmented”.  i’d better go fluff mine up right this minute before appearing in public!

with one eyebrow raised,



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