by admin on March 10, 2011

versace sheath (from vogue)

esme was getting her blood drawn before breakfast (again…don’t you HATE that??) and was trying to keep from fainting by discussing fashion with the phlebotomist.  said phlebotomist, a lovely young woman, inquired about dresses.  esme has a tendency to gloss over dresses, as she doesn’t usually wear them herself;  however, she realized that as a fashion blogger, she owes it to herself and her audience to do a little research on the matter.  

the world of dresses this year is a lively and varied one.  there are so many different styles and shapes that a person would be hard-pressed to choose.  most prominent is the sheath (simple, sleeveless, form-fitting, above-the-knee in length).  esme recalls not looking great in sheaths in her teens, so she has good reason to believe this look is not for her…..perhaps under a longer, drapier garment.  a sheath is perfect for the long of arm, the beautiful of knee, the hour-glass of figure (a tall order).  nonetheless, esme plans to try a few on, as should you, to see if anything has changed for the better over the years!   the style does range from the classic and simple to the wild and crazy.  esme was drawn to a wild-and-crazy versace sheath with dabs of primary colors on a white background and crazy fringe (not that she could actually WEAR such a dress, mind you).  so do a little sportshopping for me—go out and try on a few sheaths just for the fun of it!

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