by admin on March 10, 2011

spanx cami

sources tell esme that old navy carries nice camisoles, some for as little as $5!  i’ve found good ones at banana republic as well.  of course you can find lovely ones at boutiques such as intima, and she in carmel has silk camisoles from europe.  esme has become more and more fond of the camisole as a base layer, both for warmth and for the way they allow one to wear a wide-necked or low-cut top with a bit more modesty.   i’ve even tried a spanx recently, and was quite impressed.  this one was given to me by my sister roz, and it had been hiding in my drawer for awhile.  i was afraid i’d find it too binding, but in fact it was quite comfortable, especially when worn bra-less.  it lent a bit of support to the mid-section, and looked quite good under a thin top that would otherwise have been too see-through.  now i see what the big deal has been all about!

try it!



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