by admin on March 10, 2011

pig in pearls

this has got to be one of esme’s favorite idioms.  she loves the archaic (new testament) language.  each word (“cast”, “pearls”, “swine”) is a pearl in itself.  of course the meaning is something like don’t waste valuable resources on people who won’t appreciate them.  on the other hand, why NOT wear your pearls to take out the garbage, ride the treadmill, or walk the dog—adds a touch of class to everyday activities, don’t you think?  i would agree that one shouldn’t “cast” them, however, as one is unlikely to get them back.  esme happens to have 2 sets of pearls:  one an engagement present from mr. noir, and one inherited from her mother-in-law ethel.  in addition, she wore her mother’s beautiful pearls for her wedding.  pearls look great with almost everything (try some with your speedo swimsuit someday).  they can be worn seriously or ironically.  come to think of it, anyone who blogs is likely casting her pearls before swine and everyone else.  hey, if the swine want my pearls of wisdom, more power to them!!

an equal opportunity caster,



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