by admin on March 11, 2011

sheath and jacket (vogue)

egyptian sheath

Did you  know that the first known sheath dresses were worn by the ancient egyptians? if the versace sheath that esme has fallen in love with is not for you,  there are lots of modern-day permutations and combinations.  some sheaths have a  fitted, separate bodice, while others are made of one piece of fabric from neck to knee.  a nice retro look is a sheath with a fitted jacket on top.  this might be a good outfit for the urban professional (or even a good job-interveiw outfit if you’ve got the legs).  a sheath-plus-jacket in say a silk shantung could also work as a mother-of-the-groom dress (more on that later).  i’ve seen longer sheaths with a slit up the side–nice for evening…or perhaps for a cruise.  not that esme has ever been on a cruise, mind you, but she has chatted with those who have and has learned that one needs an assortment of fetching evening dresses.

starting to sell myself on the sheath,



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