by admin on March 11, 2011

pacific rim scarves

esme was seeking inspiration the other day by visiting her favorite shops.  a peek in pacific rim (carmel) yielded a new item of desire. 

in addition to a 50% off rack that is always worth checking out, the store had a display of the most marvelous scarf/shawl/wrappy things.  these come in several tasty colors, are made of an almost sheer woven cashmere, and are soft and sensual to the touch. 

esme wanted one right away, but couldn’t decide on the color.  later she realized that they would make terrific security blankets (christophe had one that he used to call a wou-wee). 

you just could not help wanting to cuddle up with one, and esme imagined that if you wore one, other people would want to cuddle up to you!  in addition, they are light and squishable—perfect for stashing in one’s emergency backback, or perhaps for wearing constantly, just in case.

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