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security blanket

disaster supplies

esme is having difficulty posting witty blogs about fashion today, as her heart is heavy with the news of the 8.9 earthquake and tsunami in japan.  on the other hand, esme considers herself somewhat of an expert in WORRYING about disasters, having spent many years mentally preparing for various possible scenarios.  

kate used to tease esme about being concerned about starvation in the event of  a traffic jam on the bay bridge.  esme always carried an apple, some chocolate and a water bottle when crossing this bridge.    

in addition, esme  likes to have a spare sweat-shirt, a change of underwear, and a swim-suit in the trunk of her car, just in case.  when the 1989 earthquake hit san francisco, you had better believe that esme felt vindicated in her concerns!  in fact, the day before the quake she had been driving across the very section of the freeway that collapsed.  of course, no amount of preparation would have saved her had she been there that day.

whimsey recently told me how she packs for her daughter who is an adventure traveler (white-water rafting, trekking the himalyas, that sort of thing):  put every piece of clothing in a couple of zip-lock bags, tightly sealed.  in case of evacuation one should keep a change of clothes, some comfortable shoes, and maybe a few granola bars/juice boxes in a small backpack, ready to go, all in double zip-lock bags. 

in fact, esme  recommends always wearing shoes that you can at least walk in, and perhaps run.  but what you really might want is a security blanket—something warm in the event of chill, good for providing shade in the sun, and soft for comfort. 

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