by admin on March 12, 2011

boho dresses

esme actually remembers these dresses from the ’70’s.  although most college students of the time didn’t wear sheath dresses, we did wear boho dresses. 

i remember one in particular–an ankle-length batik print in yellows and browns.  it was only years later, when i had my “colors done” (remember that trend??) that i realized the colors were all wrong for me! 

 i had a black/white/tan indian print dress with little tassles that was much more flattering.  the tassles had tiny bells on the ends and jingled when i walked.   unfortunately, i bought it to go out with an old boyfriend who ended up dumping me, which kind of tainted the dress!

there are lots of boho dresses available today, and i imagine you can find one in a flattering print, whatever your coloring.  the woman of a certain age does run the risk of channeling her goddess years in this look, but what the heck…..if it’s you, go for it!  and read some lawrence ferlingetti while you’re at it!




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