by admin on March 13, 2011

romantic dress (elle)

esme just loves the look of a long filmy dress in a sheer fabric and neutral color.  i don’t know what it is about this look–was i a black-and-white movie heroine in another life-time??? 

i’ve only had a dress like this twice in my life.  once in college i had a pale blue rather victorian dress in sheer cotton that i wore to a fraternity dance.  and of course there was my wedding dress. 

perhaps when i’m busy trying on sheaths and getting discouraged because my legs are too short, i should take a little side trip and try some romantic dresses.  i wish i were one of those women who might wear such a dress for a country picnic,  but truth be told, i rather dislike picnics, and would be so worried about the possibility of grass-stains that i’d be unable to enjoy the moment! 

perhaps if i’m still kicking when christophe gets married, i might wear a romantic mother-of-the-groom dress!  i’d wear some delicate slippers on my old-lady feet, and enjoy the soft fabric of the dress swirling around my calves as i dance!

ah romance!



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