by admin on March 14, 2011

wide-hipped dress (vogue)

it’s a little hard to imagine this one catching on.  esme has noticed a new silhouette trend:  dresses/tops that augment the width of the hips. 

i love the fabric, and the romantic feel of the dress pictured above, but i can just imagine how well….dumpy….i’d probably look in it!  for this profile to catch on, i think our eyes would have to make a profound shift. 

slim hips have been de rigeur for so long (at least since the 20’s) that it will take a major re-envisioning for us to see an outfit that adds 10 visual pounds to our lower halves as desirable.  i’m not saying it’s impossible, but it’s not a shoe-in! 

anyway, keep your eyes peeled for this profile.  let esme know if you see any real people wearing it, and how they look to you.  hmmm….maybe if the sartorialist features it, it’ll start to catch on!

btw, can you tell the sheep from the goat?



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