by admin on March 14, 2011

whenever we drive up to the bay area esme is struck by these billboards advertising “smart lipo”.  here’s what gets her about them:  the “before” photo looks like a normal, healthy woman’s body with a little bit of adipose tissue, while the “after” photo looks like the unrealisticly flat-stomached body we’ve grown up aspiring to.

esme thinks the before woman is FINE.  she doesn’t NEED any smart lipo. and esme goes on a little internal rant about billboards telling us we are WRONG the way we are!  for some reason mr. noir never seems to notice these ads, but then he’s driving and checking out the cars!  anyway, i’m sure he’d prefer the before woman!

the next day esme is in the gym and notices that her own stomach looks, well….a little podley.  she starts to wonder what happens if you have lipo—what happens if you gain weight? does it all go back to where it came off, or do you start getting fat deposits in your eyelids or something?  a nasty train of thought betraying esme’s own perfectionistic body standards. 

esme tries to talk herself out of it:  your stomach is FINE; think of all the people who would LOVE to have your stomach; a woman of a certain age DESERVES to have a bit of fat, and so on.   i am here to tell your that bodily acceptance is easier said than done.  nonetheless, we must all keep trying.  and if i EVER threaten to get smart lipo, strangle me with my scarf, ok?




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