by admin on March 15, 2011

sweet allysum

hunter and i were walking along scenic ave  the other day when the most wonderful smell assailed my nose!    notes of honey and exotic spice with undertones of  sea-weed, salt and smoke, it conjured childhood walks on the beach and the nameless longing of early adolescence.   how i wanted to bottle the smell and keep it in a perfume flask on  my bureau! 

the source of the undertones was immediately evident:  we were, after all, walking along a pathway just above the beach.  what i couldn’t figure out was the honey-and-spice…..i sniffed again, and knew it was not an illusion.  in fact, the longer we walked, the sweeter it became.  

hunter, of course, was occupied tracking completely different smells, and was not the least help as a perfume detective.  finally, towards the end of our walk, it came to me—the little white flowers which sprinkled the path!  i reached down and plucked one;  sure enough, honey and spice.  sweet allysum by the sea. 

take note you budding perfume makers.  if candy-makers can sell salted caramels, surely sea and honey perfume is not far behind.      

perhaps you could call it “esme”,



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