by admin on March 15, 2011

vintage (1960's) bernardo's

flat sandals
ancient sandals

esme is relieved to see photos of attractive flat sandals popping up like spring wildflowers.  these would be perfect to wear with one of your new dresses!  i can’t say they have any sort of foot support, but certainly they would be easier for the tender foot to wear than 5-inch heels.

esme recalls buying a pair of sandals kind of like these in the ’60’s.  bernardo’s (check out their website with photos of vintage bernardos!) i think they were—simple, classic, and classy-looking.  the design is based on shoes worn in ancient greece and rome, where it was rarely chilly enough to call for the invention of closed shoes.

note that “a la grecque”  means “in the greek manner” but actually refers to a dish cooked in olive oil, lemon juice and spices—-mmmmm!

yours in flats,



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