by admin on March 16, 2011

check engine light


do you ever have days when entropy just really gets on your nerves?  esme has been having one of those days.

suddenly, her speedo swimsuit looks all stretched out, her hair is getting shaggy, her computer is running like cold molasses, her undies look gnarly, her black t-shirts are all faded…..and to top it off, the check engine light in her car has started blinking!

the thing is, she needs her car to even think about attending to all the other problems……and let’s not even get started on the appearance of new wrinkles,  bulges in places that had no bulges before, and so on!  on a rational plane, the solution to some of these problems is pragmatic shopping.  however, on a spiritual plane, the solution is a bit of sportshopping!

ok, maybe i can get the car-shuttle guy to drop me off at the mall while my car is in the shop:  that way i can shop for computers, underwear, and maybe a little fun, all whilst staving off the effects of entropy on my wheels!

feeling better already,



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