by admin on March 17, 2011

flower-petal swim cap

esme was chatting with a swimming buddy the other day when the topic of swimming caps arose.  i don’t particularly enjoy wearing a cap, but sometimes use one for warmth.

most people use them to protect their hair from chlorine (and to protect the pool from one’s hair).  however,  the sleek black speedo cap i’ve been wearing feels uncomfortably tight and it’s definately not because my head is getting bigger or my hair thicker!!

esme’s buddy was waxing nostalgia about the swim-caps from the ’60’s that we wore as children, which were comfortable, decorative and protective (if rather silly-looking at times).  who remembers those cool caps covered with rubber flower-petals that fastened under your chin with a strap?  we would usually loose the strap, but the cap stayed on just fine without it.   some had a sort of crinkly texture that was most forgiving on the hair.  we got so excited talking about these old-fashioned caps that we decided we really should start a business to revive them!  imagine the money we could make!  we were both relieved and disappointed to discover that, like most brilliant inspirations, someone else had gotten there first.  the good news is it’s easy to order an old-fashioned cap on-line. (check amazon, or headcovers.com).    the bad news is that esme and her buddy won’t be getting rich any time soon.

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