by admin on March 17, 2011

recycled (and decorative) jeans

esme’s fashion history teacher (alison pratt shelling) wears the coolest outfits.  one of her staple looks involves a pair of bootcut jeans with inserts of embroidered tapestry-like fabric along the sides.

she usually tops these with a fitted t-shirt and an interesting sweater or jacket.   sometimes she’ll wrap an indian-looking scarf around the waistband, or drape a fabulous afghan shawl around her shoulders, jauntily knotted in front.

it turns out ms. shelling has been saving her jeans for years, and has found an innovative solution to the ubiquitous problem of one’s favorite jeans gradually becoming just a bit too tight; add a decorative and exanding border down each leg!

apparently the manufacture of denim (such a staple in a casual/natural look since at least the ’60’s), is in fact one of the least environmentally friendly processes.  it uses (and pollutes) shocking quantities of water–another good reason not to throw away your old faves!

esme is dying to ask ms. s. to work on some of her own favorite jeans—do you think she’d do it if i brought her an apple?

wishing (again) that i could sew (well not really),



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