by admin on March 18, 2011

fred astaire

perhaps an upcoming trip to san francisco brings this idiom to mind… i do miss the big city!  i’m sure you know that this phrase refers to a gay man.

i’ve always loved the image it brings to mind; a slender fred astaire type dancing under the stars, perhaps wearing italian loafers similar to the ones mr. noir wears for dress occasions.  in reality, i suppose that loafers are not the best dancing shoes, but they are certainly not the worst!

the origins of the phrase are unclear.  some sources mentioned the stereotypical “mincing walk”, while others cited medieval use of the word light as referring to lewd behavior.  still another source attributed the light to the notion of a male with missing organs—yikes!

when esme was in college, she relied heavily on her oxford english dictionary to research the origins of words.  some 35 years later, her oed is hiding somewhere in the recesses of her attic or basement, and how she misses it at moments like this!




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