by admin on March 18, 2011

just a few of imelda's shoes

you remember imelda marcos, don’t you?  wife of philipine leader ferdinand marcos, who fled manilla under a cloud of corruption.  what most of us recall is that mrs. marcos had an enormous shoe collection—she is said to have amassed 2700 pairs of shoes!

now that is sportshopping!   imagine how large her closet would have had to be!

i’m sure you are wondering what size the shoes are, just in case they turn up on e-bay, or maybe at a garage sale.  well, they would not fit esme, but perhaps, at size 8-1/2, they’d fit the average american woman  today.

esme has been trying to figure out what happened to this notable shoe collection.  one on-line source says they are now displayed in the maritina shoe museum, along with other shoes of historic significance.

although this means they will not turn up at a garage sale, the collection will certainly be a wonderful resource for future fashion historians.  imagine what archeologists might think of 20th century humans if they came upon these shoes!

relatively shoeless,



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