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japanese backpacks

cargo pants

japan is home to some of the most influential fashion designers around (rei kawakubo, yoshi yamoto).  it’s citizens tend to be interested in the latest styles—just check the sartorialist next time he photographs in japan!

esme can only wonder how the fear and devastation of the recent earthquake will effect the japan’s fashion industry.  in particular, will such a tragedy influence what people will want to wear?

esme imagines that she would want clothes that emphasize comfort and usefulness.  she noticed in some of the news clips that japanese women fleeing from the disaster were carrying little backpacks in bright colors.  presumably these would be kept by the door, and stocked with essentials.

i’m thinking that i’d like a pair of cargo pants with tons of pockets—not just for decoration, but to stash your stuff.  a light but protective coat that was water resistant and could double as a blanket would be handy (a hooded trench perhaps?).  some short water-proof boots with good soles would be de rigueur.

i just know that japanese designers could construct  functional garments like these with their characteristic edgy panache.   soon we’ll all be wanting them (especially those of us who live in california and can almost feel the next quake rumbling beneath our feet)!

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