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robin de fillipe's jewelry

esme’s fashion history class had a guest speaker the other day–Robin Defilippi, a local jewelry designer with a long and varied history of fashion design (handbags, logos, textiles, home-furnishings, to name just a few).

always one to try something new, ms. d. decided to go back to school and learn jewelry-making.  she attended the jewelry arts institute in new york, the first jewelry school in the u.s.

one of this missions of this school was to teach the lost arts of byzantine jewelry-making.  these included cloisonne, granulation, and the use of 22-24 carat gold.  she showed us some lovely examples of granulation–the use of tiny gold balls fused onto a sheet of gold, and creating a delicate, detailed effect.

she had also created some scrumptious rings in heavy gold with large set-in stones.  esme tried one on, and even though she sometimes looks silly in large jewels, these were amazingly flattering.  i must tell mr. noir about these rings!

in fact, everyone in the class could feel their mouths watering with desire when they saw and touched this jewelry.  one member was particularly attracted to a heavy goth-like skull pendant with jewels for eyes.  ms. d. works mostly on commission, so if you want to know more, call robin at:  (201) 349-5709, and tell her that esme referred you.

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