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victorian lockeet


esme has been thinking about amulets recently.  first, it was the mention in her fashion history book that amulets had been used from very early times to ward off evil.

then, she has been thinking they might be a useful thing to have in case of disaster.  esme and her childhood friend alice used to have a whole series of imaginary games they played.

one involved wearing amulets, which we called omlets!  alice’s mother sewed little pouches for us from a thick blue fabric.  they closed with a single button and resembled tiny envelopes.

most of us probably own a locket or 2, and i’ve seen some modern lockets pictured in the fashion mags.

with all the natural and human disasters occurring world-wide, esme would like an amulet large and sturdy enough to hold a few emergency items:  one could have a couple of days worth of one’s blood pressure medication, a few prozacs, maybe some potassium iodide in case of radiation poisoning, some morphine in the event of injury or capture by hostage-takers.

all this could be contained in an artsy little locket wearable day and night.  i’ve always been of the opinion that the more worried one is about a catastrophe, the less likely it is to happen!  thus these amulets would not only be practical, but might also ward off evil!




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