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lingerie for the small of breast

sylvie, owner of intima european lingerie in carmel, is one of those people who make one feel instantly comfortable, even when discussing such errrmmm.. intimate issues as the size of one’s breasts.  sylvie is french in background (and completely fluent for any of you planning to visit from france), but if she were jewish esme would describe her as haimisheh (check your yiddish dictionaries!).

esme has been dying to interview sylvie on the subject of lingerie for women with booblets. the other day, she finally got her chance.

says sylvie, ” Women with smaller scale breasts (lolo’s or doudonnes en francais!) deserve just as much attention as the average-to-large-cupped client.  Cosabella, Aubade, and Marie Jo are 3 of our favorite brands for those with petite poitrines.”

she continues,  “European brands have many more size options than American brands.   If you’re interested in a bit of natural augmentation, we swear by the ‘scoop’ method to maximize your assets.” (esme did not request a demo but you must do so when you go in!)

sylvie goes on to say that  “From basics to lacey…what about the art of wearing beautiful lingerie withOUT trying to look endowed? we have our little secrets for this approach as well.”

“Some women,” says sylvie, ” focus their attention on designer handbags or shoes, while others hold their artistic expressions intimately close.  it can be an empowering sensation to know that underneath one’s simple black dress or even one’s jeans and t, a fabulous, perfectly fitted bra and matching panties hold secret communion.”

esme agrees that beautiful lingerie is a joy to wear, no matter what one’s size, shape, or stage of life.  she is also here to tell you that there are quite a number of men on the planet who actually PREFER what esme has come to call the booblet.  esme has researched this matter herself (somewhat masochistically) and can give references if you do not believe her!

love the ones you’ve got,

esme (and sylvie)



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