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you’ve heard esme speak of tavi, the 14 year old fashion-blogger wunderkind who has taken the fashion establishment by storm.  if you have not looked at her blog, you owe it to yourself to do so!

in addition to reporting on the major fashion shows, she puts together the most fabulously eccentric outfits for herself.  she then wears them to her regular old middle school in chicago, and reports on the results.  her creations tend to involve multiple (rather clashing) layers, crazy hair-color, wild stockings with socks, and flat but remarkable boots or shoes.

esme was looking throught elle the other day when she came across this appealing add with a model wearing a purple dress, a couple of layers of jackets, an orange print scarf, patterned stockings, oxfords with flat stacked heels and an orange inset.  she looked for all the world like a grown-up tavi (minus a few layers perhaps).

esme began to wonder whether tavi is not only reporting on fashion, but actually influencing it!  wouldn’t that be cool???

tell me what you think, readers.  and of course i’d love to hear from tavi herself!

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