by admin on March 22, 2011

smooth as silk

this idiom came to my attention recently while reading the obituaries, a habit that mr. noir and i have practiced ever since we started feeling distinctly not young.

the photo of the deceased caught my eye—she looked charming, lively, and well-attired.  her family said that when asked how she felt, she loved to say “smooth as silk”!  being a silk-lover myself, i was quite taken with the phrase.  her usage is a bit unusual.  the phrase means lacking impediments or obstacles, and is typically used in response to how something is GOING, rather than how one is FEELING.

but next time someone asks me how i am i think i’ll say just smooth as silk.  surely the very image would make one’s wrinkles disappear and one’s joints feel oiled.  a thick, hand-washable silk in aubergine i think i’ll be!

btw, reading the obituaries is quite addicting.  in a small town, you have usually heard of at least a few people a week, and in carmel they tend to have interesting stories.

of course one always reads the obits about people one’s own age!  the only thing that annoys me no end is when the cause of death is not stated.  and really, if one feels oneself in danger of failing, one should make sure to have a nice photo taken in one’s favorite outfit, just in case!

smooth as silk,



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