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shrek green

whenever i look at my toes i smile!

even though it’s been raining and blowing and trees have been threatening to fall on our on house, esme knew it was spring when a locker-room friend proudly displayed a lovely new pedicure–in purple!  she supplied her own caption:  “every time i look at my toes it makes me smile!”

esme knew just what she meant!  although esme is kind of stingy about mani-pedi’s, only justifying them when she is going to be wearing sandals for weeks and doesn’t have much housework to do, she does love to gaze at her toes after a good manicure.

in fact, she’s been known to drive mr. noir somewhat nuts by going around the house mumbling “look at my toes”,  “wow….just look at my toes”, or words to that effect!  esme is a fan of deep deep red toes, a color that’s a bit hard to find—not too purple, not too orange—a nice paloma picasso red.  red toes are easily visible in the swimming pool, and esme has been known to become mesmerized by looking at her toes underwater, forgetting even to swim her requisite laps!

her locker room friend, on the other hand, likes to experiment with color.  she had considered shrek green, but decided to go with a lilacey purple this time.  esme thought, why not one foot green and the other purple—a perfect spring iris!

ok, time to think about painting my toes,



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