by admin on March 23, 2011

fashion as communication??

now is the time for a plug about the MEANINGFULNESS of fashion. as a write this, i am reminded of one of mr. noir’s favorite tactics when he’s trying to convince esme that he should really buy a new car:  he says, and i quote, cars are not just material objects–they have SOULS.

you can imagine how effective this one is (although i recently realized that my favorite car of all time–my orange freelander–certainly had, if not soul, at least character!)

esme has already explained that historians believe fashion (or the desire to decorate one’s body) to be a basic and universal human impulse.  (would they say the same of cars?…..hmmmmm).

fashion is communication–it tells us something about the wearer.  fashion is semiotic–it refers to ideas, emotions, aspirations.  fashion is about self-expression, self-esteem, and how one regards one’s body.  fashion reflects the age, socio-economic status, and tastes of the wearer.  fashion is an art-form.  fashion is….need i say more??

all you need to do to prove this to yourself is to sit in on a conversation between a mother and a young child (or even a teenager–gasp!) about what that child wants to wear that day.  many children will have very very firm opinions on the matter and will refuse to be swayed by anything the mother might say.  both mother and child are likely to find the choice of clothing a most meaningful matter. if the situation is not handled with finesse, a monumental tantrum is likely to ensue.




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