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esme's book closet (err, library)

fashion reading glasses

when a person such as esme, who confesses to priding herself on a certain amount of brain-power, identifies herself as a fashion-blogger, she opens herself up to a certain amount of …….let’s call it….. flak!

i gather this is not uncommon in the fashion industry.  my fashion history teacher (ms. shelling) related one day that she has received veiled and not-so-veiled criticism for her decision to use her brains on something as “frivolous” as fashion.

esme has been the target of everything from good-natured ribbing to outright disapproval.  perhaps if esme looked like a ditzy valley-girl type she might not have this problem.  however, having the look and history of an intellectual, esme’s finds that her choice of vocation can be provocative.

but guess what??  it appears that lots of us fashion writers have an intellectual bent.  esme was quite pleased with herself a few months ago when she used the word “semiotics” in a blog.

imagine her surprise when she came across this line in the march edition of elle:  “…it’s some combination of my …..feminism, and a midwestern blondness that semiotically speaks ‘natural’….”  what a great use of the word!  hats off!

anyway, esme’s best guess is that the modern ivy-league lit major who doesn’t want to become a lawyer or an investment banker is becoming…..what else?…..a fashion writer/blogger!  so esme appears to be in good company!

i really must find myself a cool pair of reading glasses to complete the look,




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