by admin on March 24, 2011

those violet eyes

well, you did’t have to be an obituary reader to learn about the death of elizabeth taylor.  poor liz…..she had not being doing well for several years, and died at the relatively young age of 79.  while not exactly a fashion icon, she was certainly a beauty icon.  who can forget those riveting violet eyes?

esme has a rather quirky connection to old liz.  when esme was a very little girl, and quite cute as little girls often are, esme’s dear papa used to tell her she looked a bit like elizabeth taylor.  esme didn’t even know who elizabeth taylor was at the time, but she definately knew this was a compliment!

image her disappointment when, the older she got, the less she looked like liz.  she spent some months in therapy hashing over the narcissistic injury that nature had dealt her, and recovered sufficiently to move on with her life as herself!  still, whenever i think about elizabeth taylor, this is what i think of.

esme has been told that she has riveting eyes, but they are brown instead of violet.  looking at old photos of liz published in today’s paper, i see that we do have one striking feature in common–our eyebrows!  perhaps my eyebrows are semiotic, signaling from afar “elizabeth taylor”.

however, somehow i doubt it, as no one has ever come up to me and starting talking to me as though i were the famous actress. (someone did come up to mr. noir once when we were visiting santa fe, mistaking him for steve martin—cool, huh?)

ah well, one can only be who one is,



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