by admin on March 24, 2011

bras resting

have you ever asked yourself how often other people wash their bras? do you have a firm idea about how often you should wash yours?

a friend shared  an article from real simple magazine about how often to wash various pieces of clothing.  this article suggested washing a bra every 3 to 4 wearings.  wonder where they came up with this figure?  seems like a lot to esme, unless you live in a very sweaty climate!  i wash mine by hand, and believe me, it is a pain in the behind!

then the question becomes, how many bras does the average woman own?  the more you own, the less often you will wear each one, and thus the less often you will have to wash them. seems like a good reason for the more the merrier.  however, due to esme’s preference for pricey european lingerie, she must admit that she does not have very many (functional) ones going at any one time.

according to wikipedia the average american woman owns 6 bras, “one of which is shapeless”.  what a commentary on our society!!  let’s be the change right now by throwing away all our “shapeless” bras!

here’s oddity from the real simple article:  the writer claims that the elastic in a bra needs “a 24 hour break to recover” and suggests a system of rotational wearing.  i have heard this about shoes, but bras?  i think i could use a 24 hr. break myself!

esme welcomes your thoughts on these weighty matters.  in the meantime, she continues, like hunter, to employ the sniff test rather than a mathematical formula!

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