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purple trench

a plethora of trench coats

the perfect trench has been a must-have item for several seasons.  esme is not quite sure why…..i mean trenches are nice, and can be useful, but….preppy meets the military look?  spring meets fall??  ah, maybe it’s a dating metaphor!!!

anyway, some time last year i finally found the perfect trench.  it was hiding in an expensive little boutique on sacramento st. in s.f.  my trench was a lovely dark taupe color with a nice, slightly textured hand.  the only trouble was, it was about 3 sizes too big (and the only one left).  good thing, because this beauty cost about 10 times more than esme would like to spend!  you can see, however, that it has lived on in memory, if not in my closet.

so what is one to do?  the recent land’s end catalogue showed a surprisingly attractive and affordable trench coat.  it comes in various rather mouth-watering colors (including a deep purple) as well as the traditional tan.  and land’s end, like zappos, has excellent customer service.

a rather odd variation on the trench has sprouted up with the stirrings of spring.  this is a sleeveless trench.  looks cute on models, and would probably be great on michelle obama.

but the last thing esme wants to do is show her arms in a coat!  i’m sure many of you can relate.  in addition, the cool climate of carmel is just not conducive to sleeveless, especially in an outer garment which is theoretically meant for protection from the elements.

perfection in trench-coats, as in life, is elusive.  all the more reason to keep shopping!



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