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perhaps esme is a bit biased towards practicality when it comes to clothing.  what really excites her is when an outfit is both comfortable/practical AND beautiful.  this is one reason she likes watches—gorgeous jewelry that’s also useful.

so esme continues to wonder how the seeming cascade of natural disasters will effect our fashion desires.  a columnist in our local paper wrote about earthquake preparedness last week.  she gave the usual advice about emergency plans, keeping extra food, water, batteries, etc.

what charmed esme, however, was that she happened to mention (rather in passing)  the following advice:  be sure to wear pajamas to bed, and keep your slippers next to you!!!

esme was living in san francisco during the 1989 earthquake.  it was strong enough to break a section of the bay bridge, disable sections of freeway, burn down homes in the marina district, disrupt power in the rest of the city for days, close the airport, and scare some of us half witless.

i vividly recall being worried about getting in the shower for fear of another quake hitting and having to flee the house wet and naked.  and this quake had a tiny fraction of the japanese earthquake’s power!

so i can’t help wondering whether a sense of vulnerability at the hands of nature will change the nature of our clothing.  will clothing become more practical, more useful for protection and survival?  will more of us indeed wear our p.j.’s to bed?   or will we rebel and decorate ourselves in crazy getups come hell or high-water (so to speak)?

what do you think, readers??  how many of you have recently started to keep your rubber soled slippers by your bed, just in case?





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