by admin on March 25, 2011

a collection of purples

lavender, fuchsia, lilac, eggplant, violet, plum, amethyst….these are a few of esme’s favorite purple permutations.  perhaps the first time i became aware of an affinity for purple was as a child, when roz bought a particularly fetching lavender dress, and i coveted it.  (do you remember that dress, roz??)

there was an unspoken notion that the color purple belonged to roz and i said nothing about my secret passion.  nor did i have a purple anything for many years.  when kate and i began to shop together the color called out to me again, and this time i was able to respond.

purple is the intersection of red (a warm color) and blue (a cool color).  it is said to have royal and spiritual implications.  a purple band denoted senators in ancient rome.

now i have a little collection silk blouses in various shades of purple.  of late my favorites have veered towards an earthy eggplant shade.  they all go well with the rest of my wardrobe, which is mostly in grays and blacks.  unlike blues, various shades of purple often complement one another and can be worn in layers.  i am still looking for just the right pair of purple boots.

dreaming in lilac,



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