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dog rain jacket

human rain pants

it has been blowing and pouring and gusting around here all winter.  good weather for swimming (no, really!) but nasty weather for dog-walking.  hunter’s 10 year-old raincoat was on it’s last legs, and there was nothing for it but to go dog-clothes shopping.  fortunately, we have a handy little store called diggedy dog right here in town, so hunter and esme did not need to travel too far in a downpour.

here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for dog-wear.  first, if at all possible, bring your animal along.  not only is it a great diversion for the dog, what with other dogs, treats, toys, as well as clothes, but you can make sure the article you are looking for flatters your canine, and fits like a glove.

i find it hard to choose colors for hunter, with his (now fading) tri-color.  sometimes the colors i imagine will work are not the right ones.  of course i had been thinking about a purple jacket, but it turned out this tan one with orange lining looked much better.

the crucial factor in fit is the length of the dog’s back.  this is measured from the neck to the base of the tail, and determines the size on the garment.  hunter has a long back for a small dog, so tends to take a larger size than one might imagine.  he tried on several jackets, and they all fit differently.  the one we chose had the sleekest look, and seemed to hug his body.  best of all, he could find no serious objections to it!

hunter has gotten lots of compliments on his rain-jacket, and all the neighborhood dogs want one.  esme’s purplish rain pants and green boots have been invaluable.  the two of us have returned from several substantial rain-walks with nary a drop on us save for the nose and ears!




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