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queen elizabeth's yellow dress

yellow attracts sharks

esme was doing some research on sharks a few years ago, in the service of reducing the chances that her beloved son christophe would end up as a shark’s dinner while surfing.

she wondered why wetsuits were not designed in brighter colors, so as to make them more visible to rescuers.  come to find out, the creatures that bright colors are visible to are SHARKS!  in fact yellow (the usual color for safety equipment besides orange) is one of the most attractive to sharks!  what they see is contrast.

ok, so no yellow wetsuits.  yellow, however, has many connotations other than dinner.  some say it represents light, clarity, cheerfulness, focus—i could use some of those qualities right now!  yellow can be a difficult color to wear.  esme looks nasty in lemon-yellow, but rather likes herself in a darker, mustardy yellow.

esme fashion history class has been watching the movie elizabeth.  amazing costumes!  esme was particularly taken with a striking yellow velvet gown worn by the queen when england was fighting spain.  a dark rich yellow–extremely powerful, extremely regal.  definately not a cowardly yellow.

returning to the 21st century, yellow crops up this spring as a color-blocking shade–a nice way to wear yellow as a punch of color rather than a whole garment.  just be sure to stay away from sharks my dears, ok?




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