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this really is my favorite t

dark chocolate with almonds

a black gap favorite t has become a staple of esme’s wardrobe.  she wears one almost daily with her jeans, and likes to dress them up at night by adding a sweater, a vesty thing or a jacket.  however, they are prone to fading, and have to be replaced periodically.

thank goodness this is one item that doesn’t seem to go out of production!  an excursion to the local gap produced a whole rack of them, discounted to $12.50–you can’t beat that (except maybe at a thrift store).  they looked reassuringly dark, smelled nice and inky, and esme to a t! (ha ha).  done!!!  esme has vowed to wash them in cold water with white vinegar, and hang to dry.

esme made a little side trip into soma.  a few years ago she found lovely knit cotton/lycra nightgowns there, one in a deep purplish red.  entropy has started to take this one the way of all flesh and esme was hoping for a replacement.

no such luck, i’m afraid.  she did find a gown in a bamboo/lycra blend which felt very soft, and just for fun tried on a few bras, recommended by a gym friend.  to her surprise, the bras fit quite well and were rather attractive.  they come in a good array of sizes.  definitely a place to check out if you are trying to get to your quota of 6 bras, and throw out the shapeless ones!

by this time esme was faint with hunger, and had to make an emergency stop at see’s candies.  she was pleasantly surprised by the intensity and crunch of a couple of dark chocolates with almonds for 99 cents–this may become another favorite.

she returned home clutching a little bag of t-shirts and chocolate, tired but happy.



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