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banana republic leggings

you may have noticed that esme has not mentioned much about shopping recently.  omg, it has probably been at least 2 weeks since she even set foot in a store!!  the reasons are multi-layered.

first of all, esme has been trying to compensate for the extravagant shopping she did last fall.  second, she is in one of those phases  whereshe is not sure what she wants to wear.  i understand roz is having this problem too.  part of it is the constant body-morphing that seems to occur at esme’s age, and part is the confusion of profiles in fashion-choices.

even more than the reasons above, what has been responsible for the dip in esme’s shopping has been a) her fashion history course and b) her blog.  esme is reading and writing and researching and attempting to draw and doing homework—good grief!  how in the world did i take 5 courses at once in college, and this without all-nighters?   i am simply too pooped out to shop!

this is, however, a double-edged sword, as shopping is a fertile ground for ideas. ok, so mr. noir was busy attending a psychiatry conference, and esme decided it really was time for a visit to the shops.  she has been needing a few basics (some black t-shirts, a few nightgowns, walking shoes) for some time, and this was a good opportunity to check out the sales as well as browse the new stuff.

her first stop was at good old banana republic.  they had some nice-looking leather jackets in the window, and esme had seen some potential long-sleeved t’s awhile back.  well, the black t’s were all sold out in her size, but she did snag a white one.

she couldn’t resist trying on a few pairs of pants (heavily discounted). she’d admired the cargo-legging look on some of the kids in her class, and br had some nice ones.  really they were rather flattering.  after trying on about 7 different sizes and colors, esme settled upon a dark gray pair.  she plans to wear them around the house for a bit to make sure they don’t feel too confining!

next stop—favorite t’s!



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