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butterfly tattoo

esme was feeling a little burned out from thinking about fashion (believe it or not!) when the universe gave her a little present in the form of a tattoo.  no, not esme’s tattoo, but the sighting of a rather lovely tattoo on a woman at the gym. of course esme had to work up her courage to ask the owner of the tattoo, naked at the time, if esme could take a photo.  fortunately the answer was yes (which it usually is if only one can work up the courage to ask), and here you see the result.

esme can’t really imagine actually having a tattoo herself, and of course she would totally freak out if christophe got one, but every once in a while she finds one she admires.

this one depicts 2 butterflies, the larger with part of her wing straddling the owner’s shoulder.  it turns out that this is a portrait of a butterfly which alit on the tattooee’s fence shortly after a good friend had died.  the butterfly, which had one slightly damaged wing,  stayed around as though in communion.  folk wisdom has it that the butterfly is a symbol of the soul in transition.  didn’t esme tell you that fashion was not frivolous????

the second butterfly, smaller and darker, depicts a butterfly seen by the tattooee on a trip to south america.  she and her sister tried to run after it and capture it on film but without success.  this also occurred at a time of emotional/spiritual transition, which the owner captured and honored via her tattoo.

esme discovered that the process of being tattooed can be in itself  a form of meditation.  some people go into a type of trance, and experience the pain as pleasurable.  the woman with whom esme spoke had this experience herself, even though she is normally needle-phobic (as is esme), and even though the large butterfly tattoo took a full 3 hours to complete!

esme learned a number of things from this interview.  first, it never hurts to ask. second, when speaking about tattoos (or any fashion statement for that matter), always inquire if there’s a story.  third, the goddess of fashion is full of secrets just waiting to be revealed!






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