by admin on March 29, 2011

herringbone tweed

red-shouldered hawk in waistcoat and herringbone

tawny waistcoat

perhaps you recall that esme had a little crush on a nattily attired red-shouldered hawk (this one had a russet-colored breast, and a  jacket in a tastefully muted tweed).  esme and hunter have seen several hawks circling the park in recent months, and wondered if esme’s hawk might have found a mate.

yesterday esme had the most riveting experience:  as she and hunter entered the park they spotted a hawk sitting on a telephone wire.  while hunter checked the playground for treats, esme stood glued to the spot watching the hawk.  this one was relatively small, with a tawny waistcoat and a jacket in a large, rather splashy herringbone.

i am not kidding you when i tell you that this hawk looked me right in the eye!  what’s more, when i moved into the park, he or she turned around on the wire so as to keep me in his/her sights.  and she was not paying a bit of attention to hunter (thank goodness) who was nowhere to be seen.

i imagined that this might be the offspring of my original hawk, perhaps less shy due to the impetuosity of youth.  but what could a young hawk see in esme?  what could possibly be on it’s mind?

well, as mr. noir likes to say, when you’ve got it, you’ve got it!  i suppose even hawks have their types.  the thought that a hawklet would find a middle-aged person such as esme attractive (or even interesting) set my heart aflutter!  now i know for sure that if ever i get a tattoo, it will be of a red-shouldered hawk with a tawny vest and a dramatic herringbone wing!



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