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tavi's iconography?

esme received some interesting response her inquiry regarding tavi’s influence on fashion.  since the writers were too shy to actually post their ideas on the blog, esme will paraphrase them for you.

roz agreed that recent fashion photo-shoots have had a taviesque quality, and further remarked that they looked a bit “gudruny” (that is like gudrun sjoden, the swedish designer) in the use of patterns and layering.

phashion plate, always a bit of a tease, wrote the following intriguing blurb which left one wanting to know more:  “one could write a small dissertation on tavi’s use of graphics and iconography in her assemblage.  she is all about visual details.”

esme just loves the notion of tavi using iconography.  certainly she knows what iconography means, but she is unsure of what it would mean in this context.  and yet, it sounds right.  more about how fashion is by nature symbolic/semiotic/hinting at meaning.  well, one does notice the little crown she has balanced on her head in this photo.  can anyone take a guess about this?

esme wonders whether tavi chooses her eccentric accessories specifically for their meaning, or whether she simply snags stuff that appeals to her.  esme suspects the latter.  certainly her juxtaposition of pieces is irreverent, if not positively iconoclastic!

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