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mary layered medieval style

modern layering on mary b.

imagine esme’s excitement when she and mr. noir went to dinner at  bistro moulin in monterey, and encountered the most fabulous example of retr0-medieval layering!  the woman pictured here is a well-known personality in the monterey bay area, author as she is of many many articles in the not-to-be-missed local paper, the carmel pine cone.

here you can see a white, chemise-like under-dress, which shows nicely at neck and hem with a ruffled detail, exactly as it might have in medieval times.  the under-dress is topped with an over-dress in a contrasting color, and made of a fine almost sheer linen or cotton fabric.

the final layer of the ensemble is a black velvet cape, clasped at the neck.  if mary b. were actually living in the middle-ages, her cloak would most likely be longer, and perhaps lined in fur.  the necklace she is wearing would probably have been gold, and of course her hair would be pulled back and caught up in some sort of headpiece.

as it turns out, the dress (if not actually medieval), almost qualifies as vintage:  mary bought it in london in the early ’90’s and has worn it happily ever since.  now THAT is shopping!

wishing i had one too,




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