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what is your type?

dogs have types

did you know that even dogs have types?  by this i mean particular types to which they are attracted.  hunter, although neutered at the earliest possible opportunity, goes nuts (ooops no pun intended) for female cocker-(oops) spaniels!  he is very picky about his relationships, and will barely give most dogs the time of day, but he can sense a lovely lady spaniel coming from a mile away!

when hunter was a puppy, his girlfriend was a chocolate-colored cocker who was both assertive and willing.  it was almost embarrassing for us owners to watch them play!

anyway, if dogs have types, what about humans?  do men differ from women in this regard?  esme has certainly been known to have her types.  these have changed dramatically over the years, although they seem to connect in one way or another to some aspect of her dearest papa.

first it was reddish-blonde hair.  then a certain kind of lightly mesomorphic physique.  and finally, with mr. noir, it seemed to come down to short (sorry mr. noir), jewish, and doctorly.

of course guys have their types.  esme has already discussed the booblet-a-philes.  there are leg-guys, breast-guys, tall-blonde guys, short-dark guys, guys who love the pear-shaped….i could go on and on!

what esme has found over the years, is that type becomes less and less important.  perhaps it plays a part in initial attraction, but it can be easily over-ridden by a kind gesture or an interesting conversation.  of course, esme is not dating, and hopes never to be dating again (kaynahorah), but still, one can have one’s attractions and occasional little crushes….

esme and mr. noir also dearly love to follow the exploits of our single friends, and have even developed a little specialty in advice to the love-lorn.  usually we find ourselves advising our subjects to look BEYOND type.

one person can do only so much research on this topic—-esme looks forward to opinions and responses from her readers!



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