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petite cossette

short and tall

esme has never minded being small, or even being short.  in fact, her size has become an integral part of her identity over the years, and she is rather attached to it!

being small is handy for lots of things.  you can usually try on the display sizes in shoe stores.  often the small sizes of things will go on sale.  in case of emergency you can squeeze through a dog-door, or crawl under a fence. in case of famine, your caloric needs are less than those of a large person.  i could go on and on, but i think you get the idea!

for some reason, however, esme can’t stand the term “petite,” especially in reference to clothing sizes.  for one thing, esme’s shape is not typical of a “petite”;  she does not have a short torso, or narrow shoulders.  (she will admit that it’s nice not to have to hem a petit pair of pants).  there tends to be something inelegant about the way petit clothes are constructed, and the models often have a sort of miniature quality which i hate!

but it’s the “rules” for dressing as a short person that are the worst:  don’t wear anything too long; belt the waist; eschew the over-sized; wear heels.  in other words, don’t wear things that make you look….short!

esme was thrilled to read an article in the recent vogue that turned these notions on their heads.  the article is about “a superstylish brit….with a wispy five-foot-three frame.”  she loves “long voluminous pieces that accentuate her smallness.”  this so reminds esme of herself shopping at sylvie.  billowy, baggy, drapey, layered—it’s all fair game, even for someone shorter than the superstylish brit!

the article concludes with this fabulous quote:  “i really like being small….it’s a good life down here.”  huzzah!  esme is ready to go right out there and buy something meant for a tall person!

don’t get me wrong—there are disadvantages to being short, especially at the supermarket where i’ve been known to hail a tall stranger to reach something off a top shelf.  ah, but wouldn’t he be even more thrilled to help me if i were dressed in one of those voluminous billowy things just swirling around my ankles and draping delicately below my wrists???

short and happy,



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